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Round Ireland 2011part 2
Circumnavigating Ireland 2011 Leg 5.  Galway ti Tues 12th July, Dingle Galway-At 5 we headed the few meenits wak ti the main streets far the music bars were an hid a big irish stew ti keep us gan. Judgin bi the atmosphere it's gan ti be a good nicht so we'll need sustenance. The evenin wis spent strollin fae bar ti bar listenin ti very good traditional music an meetin fowk fae a' ower. Ae bar hid nine musicians playin. We wannert back ti Lotus at 12.30. Wed-Efter breakfast we donned the shorts an set oot for a sightseei ng day startin at the Claddagh area which is the al' pairt a Galway. Hid a look inside an R C church an it wis hale bonny wi a big grotto at the side an then walked up the canalside an came ti Nun's Island, a convent an college wi the canal an river roon it. Came upon the Cathedral,a massive church an discovered it wis built on the site o' the Galway jail in the early 1900's. I went for a haircut fae Mike who's crack wis completely different fae ma barber at hame ( ma quinie Lara) an went back ti the boat ti meet Dick who keeps his boat a few miles fae Galway. We were back up ti the "Kings Head"ti eat an enjoy anither nicht a good music an were back aboord bi 11.30. It had been a good day. The plan is ti git the 7am cast an decide fit ti dee. Thurs 14th-Cast is ok, 2/3 on the nose so decided ti leave for the Aran Isles fin the gates opened at 3.15pm. I phoned for fuel an the mannie wis doon in haf an oor wi a tanker so topped up at 66.5 cents a litre. We strolled up ti hae a last look roon, listen ti the mony buskers, git some stores an a snack an then back doon ti git ready ti go. Mo went roon ti square up wir 32 euro dues for wir twa nichts an it wis actually the first charges we've hid since crossin the border. Sailed at 3.30 ahin a big coaster fa's wash hid broken a bit o' the pontoon, an wis at the last bouy at 4.35 wi 23miles ti go. We cwidna lay the coorse so efter three lang tacks we got fed up an fired up Betty. It wis slow goin at first bit fin the ebb came on it wis a bit better an nae too powky so we settled doon wi the pilot on an let the world go by. We were headin for Kilronan in Killeany Bay on Inishmore, the biggest o' the Aran Islands an passed Straw Island at the entrance o' the bay which is on the NE corner o' the island at 8pm. There are 8 visitors moorins in the bay an we picked up the ane nearest the quays, aboot twa hunner yards aff, in a flat calm. Later on we sat in the cockpit an cid hear the birds on the shore, bit the forecast is poor. Frid 15th---A very poor morning so lay in a file an read wir comics. The wind is strong south bi west an certainly nae ees for rowin ashore so I scuttert aboot dein jobs an as it looked like the win wis freshenin I shackled a rope ti the bouy incase thirs chafe on the ither twa .On a moorin I usually hiv a rope thru the ring fae each boo bit even wi that we were sheerin aboot a bit. Durin the morning a UFO 31 wi a lang blonde haired female singehander came in towin a sma hard dinghy an tried ti pick up the next bouy under mainsail, missed the first twa bouys bit got the 3rd ane efter drappin the sail. Then , a grey paintet motor cruiser came in an cos o' its high freeboard the lad also hid a problem pickin up. He hidna a jacket or lifejacket on an must'ye been thru ti the draars in the hivvy rain afore he got a rope thru the ring. Efter a snack we spent the time readin, dein crosswords an listenen ti the excellent local radio. At aboot 5pm a French Hanse 40 arrived an again ,wi high freeboard they cwidna git the bouy, even wi a lad stanin on a fender at water level. In fit wis a bit o' a shambles they lost thir boathook so the "female"who turned oot ti hae a beard came ower in his six fit dinghy, an got thim secured. At 7pm a Sadler 34, fa must've hid a poor passage came in an moored wi nae probs. It wis tinned irish stew wi extra ingins wi tatties for supper, a fine yarn ower a couple a toddies an bed at 10.30. Sat 16th---Anither lang lie in the day.The win hid veered ti the wsw an wis up a force.The boat's sheerin an heelin a bit noo bit Mo' copin aricht, I think ?? The lad fae the motor boat wis ashore for twa oors in very dodgy conditions an then the UFO lad went past in his dinghy at 4pm an ti tell the truth, I wis surprised he made it ti the outside o' the new sma jeety.The French lads hid thir rib in the water bit cwidna start thir engine so they stowed athin awa again. We relaxed, if ats the werd wi a' the sheerin, an listened ti the al' music wi a glassie a port. It's been bla'n a steady 8/9 since 6pm an forecast is still poor bit am hopin it eases a bit the morn . Afore we turned in at haf past ten, Mo on starboard saloon berth, I hid a look ashore wi the glass an cid see the lads dinghy at the pier. He's maybe found a friend! Sun 17th---A very poor nicht. I rose at 4 ti check wir ropes an noticed that the dinghy wisna there an I cwidna see it at his boat. I thocht that maybe he had moved it inside the jeety so hid a cuppa an lay doon for a file. At 7 I phoned the hairbermaister,fa we'de niver seen or heard fae, ti ask if the dinghy wis at the pier bit got nae reply. Forecast is noo sayin it's gan ti ease slowly, confirmed bi Jake at hame, so we'll jist sit aboot an maybe git ashore the morn. 18th---The wind has eased ti a five fae the wnw an the sun's burnin a hole ti the bottom o' the sea. The hanse sailed at 11 probably bound afore the win ti Galway? I phoned the hairbermaister ti speer if we cid go in ti the pier for a file ti git stores an he said it wis ok bit clear it wi the construction manager fin we got in. As thirs a lot a fast ferry traffic fae the mainland and twa interisland boats workin fae Kilronan they are developin the hairber wi new mare suitable quays for the busy tourist trade. We lit go fae the bouy an crept in ti ane o' the new piers an tied up.The works boss fa wis a proper toff said we wid be fine there for the nicht. I think we wid've been allowed ti lie there durin the bad wither!! We headed up the new pier an roon the sma bay ti the village passin the Pier House Hotel an a memorial ti Chay Blyth an John Ridgway who hid landin there efter rowin across the Atlantic in 1966. Thir wis a supermarket, 4 restaurant/pubs, a few café's, a fairly big shop sellin Aran jumpers an lots a ither wollen stuff an 3 bike hire shops wi hunners a bikes outside. We hid a meal at the American Bar an a hale good yarn wi the freenly locals. When walkin back ti the the hairber we noticed the dinghy at the far side o' the UFO. Tues 19th---There wis a queue a minibuses an sma pony an cairt rigs wytin on the first ferry bit fin we got roon ti the village "square" thir wis a minibus parked there. The driver speered if we fancied a tour so we hopped on an were seen jint bi twa lassies, ane fae Austria an the ither ane a yank. Thomas O'Toole, breether O' Peter, wis wir dirver an brilliant crack a the wye roon . He kent a' the leprechauns that bade in the sma hooses that we passed. The 3000 eer al' Fort-Duon A Gowohasa? which wis a mile fae the visitor centre wis a rare sicht an made better fin its history wis explained bi a very young guide. We went back the single track coast road passin mony buses, ponies, bikers an walkers. The best tour so far. The island is 7 x 2 miles an they estimate that there are 7 thoosan miles a stane dykes. Efter supper on the boat we walked up the road a bit ti Joe Collies, very nice pub an then went back ti the American Bar for the crack. We discovered the nicht that the lad fae the UFO hid capsized on his wye back ti his boat at midnicht on Saturday an wis washed ti the beach a mile across the bay.He had been found at 8am an taen ti the hospital . On reflection, I shid've called the coastguard. Wed 20th July---The 7am Forecast is ok so we decided ti head sooth. Richie ,the works manager came doon ti say cheerio bit nae sign o' the hairbermaister fa hid been described as the maist hated man on the island. A ken the feelin!! We went oot roon Straw Island at 9am an sooth atween Inishmore an Inishmaan in a very licht northerly breeze wi very little swall considerin the 4 days a maistly strong sw ti w wins.It wis aboot 30 mile ti Loop Hd fan we wid decide whether ti go east inti the Shannon Estuary or cairy on sooth a bit. The win backed roon ti the west an tickled up a bit so wi athin up we toddled along at 5 kts for a file. As we were a fair bit aff the mainland thir wisna much ti interest Mo so I fried a curn Irish bangers ti cheer er up. Didna work. As we closed Loop we decided ti head for Fenit Harbour in Tralee Bay which wis anither 20 mile sooth instead o' gan east up the estuary ti Kilrush. The win hid veered ti the wnw an freshened noo an we were gan along at hull speed which is probably ower much on this Atlantic coast. As we came tee ti Kerry Hd the win veered ti the north an the swall built up a bit mare so we rolled awa the jib bit we wir still gan ower fast wi the main eased richt oot athoot a preventer.As I didna want ti round up I jist drapped?? the main gan afore the win. Ma mistakes are building up!! I wis at the mast fin Mo hid ti round up as the thing jist widna come doon an it wis gye scary for her bit as usual, she did well. We got inti the newish marina an gled ti git tied up at 6.15. Left over pasta an a few tods an we were happet at 11. We've decided ti head along the north side o' the Dingle Peninsula in the morning if the wither is ok. Distance the day-53 miles Thur 21st---Wither looks ok for movin on so Mo went the haf mile ti the shop while I topped up the fuel fae the drum an took water. The 120 berth marina is only a few miles fae Tralee and thirs plans ti add tae it shortly. The hairber is shared wi fishin an commercialtraffic wi abody happy. Afore sailin we went along the breakwater ti see the "Brendan the Navigator "memorial an very impressed we were asweel. The Irish dee these things well. We lit go at 10.30 an motorsailed oot thru Tralee Bay an took the shortcut thru Magharee Soon passin the Seven Hogs ti starboard .The win wis licht fae the north wi the swall well doon fae yesterday.The Soon is ok bit looks hairy kine wi plenty rocks an shalls ,some up ti 4 metres.We set ful sail as we went thru the Soon an hid a gran beam reach close along the varied coast passin first the big and sandy Brandon Bay then high cliffs a' the wye ti Smerwick Harbour anither sandy bay. We had left Fenit jist efter high water an wir hopin ti git thru Blasket Soon afore the flood came on bit I thocht that we wir gan ti be ower late an shid go inti Smerwick an anchor. Mo thocht we shid chance it so we held er gan an she wis richt again. It's a bugger sometimes!! Passin Smerwick we wir touchin 7.5 bit slowed ti 5 as we motored in a licht northerly thru the spectacular scenery o' the soon. The Blaskets are a group o' big rocky Islands that hiv a fascinatin history bit maybe mare a that later. Turnin east along the sooth coast o' the peninsula we picked up a fine breeze fae the nne so hid anither good sail ti Dingle, passin Ventry Habour, an were at the entrance o' Dingle Harbour at 6.30 gittin a smiley welcome fae Fungie the resident dolphin. We tied up at the fine marina that's pairt o' the fishin hairber in brilliant sunshine an Peter, the lad that seemed ti dee athin, wis doon wi the gate code an plenty info aboot Dingle. We walked up the busy toon an were surprised ti see that the pubs were also shops, or vice versa, sellin shoes, sarks, ironmongery, bikes, groceries along wi alcoholic beverages. I got speakin ti the band in ane o' thim an Mo said it wis like long lost breethers meetin. They wir a' lads wi a sea background an cwidna haf yarn. Anither good nicht an yi forget the win an swall !!! 38 miles iday an probably the best sail o' the trip.
Circumnavigating Ireland 2011 Leg 6 Dingle to Baltimore Friday 22nd July---- After speakin wi Peter we decided ti bide a few days, hire a car an hae a drive roon The Ring O' Kerry. We moved Lotus to an inside berth an hopped on a bus for Tralee as thir wis nae hires at Dingle. Efter pickin up the car we headed sooth passin thru Killarney, a boony holiday toon wi a few good golf courses, an then sw towards Valencia. Thirs a new, nearly completed 120 berth marina at Knights Town on the ne corner o' the island that's been abandoned an can be used free of charge including electricity !! We stopped for wir denner at Waterville far Charlie Chaplin eest ti holiday an things hidna been updated since he wis there I wid say. On the wye back we stopped at Castlemaine (Fa can mine on The Wild Colonial Boy ?) an that wis a bonny place. Mo wis drivin as I hid "forgotten" ti tak my licence an she said that I got a bit ratty fin she missed a junction that I hid informed her aboot. She also said that I wis lucky ti hae her drivin me aroon the place. A quiet period followed !! A run ashore again for a good meal an good music apairt fae the last place. An earlyish nicht an the plan is ti head west roon the Dingle Peninsula ti see the historic fort an stane beehive huts that hid stood for centuries. Sat 23rd---Afore settin aff west we saw ti fuel, gaz an laundry, Peter took wir drum ti fill later an he telt us far ti git gaz an far the laundry wis. He wis a hive a information an had been a fisherman for 35 years so we hid a good crack aboot boats that hid been bocht ti the area fae ne Scotland. We set aff west passin Ventry Hairber an on ti Dunbeg Fort built on the cliffs twelve hunner eer ago an still there as it wis. Along the road oot ti Slea Hd thir wis sma settlements a beehive huts an they wir also in good nick. Nae cement or central heatin bilers ti be seen! At the side o' the road high up at the Head thir wis a massive statue o' the crucifiction built inti the cliff face. Roundin Slea Hd we cid see the Blasket Islands across the Soon an a few tourist boats towin dinghy's gan across ti the landin place on Great Blasket. We stopped at the very impressive Blasket Centre an spent twa oors gan roon the weel laid oot exhibition. Well worth a "google".Even tho it wis cloudy thir wis rare views a' the wye roon past Smerwick Harbour an along the nw coast o' this historic area. We diverted doon a narra road ti Brandon Creek which wis a deep inlet wi a sma pier at its heed an twa al' traditional boats anchored aff it. On the wye back thru the valleys Mo reckoned that this wis the area o' The forty shades o' green!. On gittin back ti Dingle, Mo picked up the laundry an the fuel an gaz wis at the office door for us. Thir's plenty ti dee here so it wis anither "Dingle"nicht!! Sun 24th-Anither bonny morning. The lad on the next boat ti us wis in charge o' the county department that looked efter a' the hairbers an moorins an he said the the moorins were serviced ivery three years.They were aboot ti change a' the risers ti nylon which I think is a good thing. We then headed for Tralee ti han back the car an hae a look roon. Niver met Rose as she wis awa back ti Australia efter winnin the competition a curn weeks ago. A quiet nicht an back on Lotus at 9pm ti check oot the charts for wir twinty mile sail ti Valencia the morn. Car milage---440 kliks Mon 25th ---I wanted ti change the gearbox ile afore we sailed bit hid left ma sma pump at hame. I mentioned the fact ti Peter an he wis back wi ane in haf an oor so I did the job an Mo topped up the water an efter sayin wir thanks ti Peter we sailed at 2.30pm gittin a cheerio fae Fungi. Wir course across Dingle Bay ti Bray Hd on the sw corner o' Valencia wis ssw an the wind wis nw 3 / 4 so wi athin up we wir gan well.We passed three boats commin north ower the Head an they wir haein a good dive in the swell that seems ti be at ivery heedland we pass an we niver lost it till we turned the last corner in ti Portmagee which is tucked inti the se corner o' Valencia Island. We picked up a moorin at 6pm an hid wir supper in the cockpit watchin the fishin boats commin in atween 7 an 9pm. A bonny nicht. We micht sail oot ti the Skelligs the morn if the swall is doon Distance the day-19 miles Valencia is far the first cable for the Atlantic Telegraph came in way back in 1858 Tues 26th-Rowed ashore, went up thru a tussocky park an jumped (fell ower) a ditch an walked across the bridge ti Portmagee village which wis affa bonny wi lots a flooers . Thir wis 10 or 12 boats lined up at the pier waitin ti tak fowk oot ti the Skelligs aboot ten mile awa We visited the Skelligs Experience which wis very,very good.It telt the story o' fit generations o'monks hid built ower a period o' 360 years startin 15 / 16 hunner eer ago. We cid hardly tak it in. The Skelligs-Three islands, the largest bein Skellig Michael, a World Heritage Site comprises of a stone stairwell leadin up ti a cluster o' beehive huts, oratories, chapel an crosses. "Stormy"-A Skellig storm petrol that returned ivery year for 26 years, journey'n 20,000 km. Back ti the boat an sailed at 12.30 oot ti a licht northerly bit quite a bit a swall. We thocht (mistake again) that it wid be too chavie at the Islands so headed for a sma anchorage at Darynane. It wis nice an sunny as we motored along passin Puffin Island, Bolus Hd an Ballinskelligs Bay far Charlie Chaplin hid a dook. The narra entrance is amongst rocks bit well marked so we'd no problem gittin in an anchorin beside a host o' watersport boats, canoes, dinghy etc in a lovely enclosed shalla bay.What a spot for bairns. We rowed ashore ti the lone pubby, had a pint an a partan sandwich an wis back aboord at haf past nine. We sat enjoyin the bonny nicht an as it got dark a lad rowed past ti the next boat,a Freedom 35 so we speert him aboord for a nightcap. Bill who wis fae Belfast is retired an oot for the summer. Good crack till 11.30. Dist-16 miles Wed 27th--- Left Darynane at 8am in sunny flat calm headin for Castletownbere via Dursey Sound which has the only cable car in Ireland cross above ti Dursey Island. The book says we'll hae a clearance o' 20ft bit am sure that it winna looks as much! We were past Scariff Island and maybe half across fin the fog came doon hale thick an we cid only see twa boat lengths. Gittin the good o' wir plotter noo. We crept inti the soon hearin the sma waves brackin on the rocks an got thru at high water slack. Mo says I got it richt at last . Aince thru the narra soon an past Crow Hd we turned east toward Bere Island . The fog lifted as we passed Fair Hd at the entrance ti the buoyed channel up ti Castletownbere, a fairly big fishin hairber. We got a temporary berth along the pier fae some big pelagic boats bit we wid hae ti move aff ti the anchorage efter we got some stores etc. The HM said nae ti trust the moorins bit the anchorage wis a bit far oot for rowin so we picked up a moorin that a big French boat hid been on an as we relaxed an al' lad came alongside in his creel boat ti inform us that it wis his moorin and it wid cost a tenner ti use it. Fair enough. He wis back in a few minutes wi four bonny haddocks for wir tea. We rowed ashore for a look roon the toon an finished up in Macarthy's bar which hid a good selection o' groceries for sale and had been in the same family ownership for generations wi Adriane noo the owner. Mo got yarnin ti an elderly woman an her daughter who came back, along wi thir extended family fae a' ower, ti thir al' family hoose for twa weeks ivery eer ti tak pairt in The Harvest Of The Sea festival. Eileen who wis 90 an a very sharp lady wi er glassie a white wine telt us stories o' the situation fin she wis a bairn including the problems wi the Black an Tans an hidin IRA fowk in their laft .Good crack till late. Thurs 28th---A relaxin day. Finally got roon ti cleanin the roosht aff the deck an coachroof in the foreneen (Buckie hairber stuff) then sunbathed till 3pm afore gan ashore for a wanner aboot. While Mo hid a hairdo, I met Bill fae "fawnmore" who we'd hid aboord at Darynane, an we went for a pint in Macarthy's. Bill hid went oot ti Skellig Michael on a tour boat an he said that it wis facinatin. The excuses for commin back are mountin up. We hid a fine evenin wi Eileen, Viola an some o' thir fowk who hid jist arrived an wis back on Lotus aboot ten. Frid 29th-A bonny day so got started on the teak handrails first then decided ti dee the seatin. Finished at 6.30 an it's lookin nice. Wir fair pleased wi the job an Mo says it wis sare needin it !! We went ashore later on ti Twomeys Bar far thir wis music an dancin an the music wis very good bit it wis affa crowded so nae dancing. Wir nae sure if we'll bide here for a curn days an git the bus ti Glengarrif at the heed o' Bantry Bay or tak the boat. Decision in the morning Sat 30th-Decision put aff. I had ordered a replacement exhaust mixer an fin I phoned Joe, the engineer,he said that he wid be doon durin the morning wi it.We waited an waited an a lad showed up on a bike ti tell us that Joe hid been held up on a job on a fishin boat an he wid be wi us as soon as. Av nae problem wi that as lads hiv ti git awa ti sea ti try an mak a livin. I bade on the boat an Mo went ashore ti the Gala an watched the men's net mendin, rope splicing an rope throwin competition wi maist o' the lads in the 20 / 30 age group wi cur al' lads jinin in. Joe got doon wi wir pipe at 5 pm so it wis fish suppers for tea an ashore ti the music again which again wis really good bit spoiled bi a loud table a visitors. Sun 31st-Options for today-Bus ti Glangarrif, the ferry across ti Bere Island an a wak up ti the Holy Cross far thir haein a Special Mass for seafarers or tak the boat ti Glengarrif far Maureen O' Hara bides. It's a bonny day so we're takin the boat up Bantry Bay which hid been ane o' the "must dee's" onywye. Went for a few stores an left a note for Eileen an Viola an sailed at 12.30 up the soon atween the mainland an Bere Island passin close ti a big wreck wi its masts stickin oot o' the water. The wind is licht wsw so gently motorsailed up the bay passin Lonehort Pt ti starboard an some bonny anchorin neuks on the mainland side. Efter Shot Hd the win picked up a bit so we hid a fine sail the last twa oors richt up ti Glengarrif Harbour which is a big bay wi lots a sma tree covered islands. The HM put us on a bouy in a lovely settin among the islets wi big, well established trees on the shore. As we hid wir supper on deck we heard music waftin thru the trees so we left the dishes an rowed ashore ti a sma pontoon leadin up thru the trees ti the street. Fae the anchorage yi cid see nithin o' the village / sma toon so it wis a surprise ti see the bonny hooses on the street leadin ti the centre an the music. The band, who wore white jackets wi a rose in the lapel were playin outside anither McArthy's bar were fae Cork an were brilliant so we sat in the evenin sun an enjoyed. On rowin oot we found "Fawnmore" on the next bouy so went for a coffe an a yarn wi Bill an his sister who he had picked up at Bantry. Mon 1st August---Anither bonny morning so we rowed ashore ti git the sma tourist boat ti Garinish Island as it's a private island. The island is covered in trees an plants fae a' ower the world and is very well planned, laid oot an beautifully kept (Mo's comments cos fit dis a colour blin al' fisherman ken aboot sic things?)We walked up ti the Martello tower an hid some rare views o' the mainland an islands. Thir wis also an Italian gairden, a Grecian temple, clock tower, walled gairden and an ornamental lily pond. Well worth the trip. On the wye back to the boat we noticed that Bill had sailed. The forecast wis for freshenen wsw wind so Bill must be takin the chance ti git sooth ower Mizen Hd afore it comes awa. We decided ti head for Lawrence Cove on Bere Island so sailed aff the moorin at 1.30 pm (low water) in a licht southerly, passin thru the moorin area in very shalla water. The wind veered an headed us as we left the bay so we hid ti motorsail again till I got fed up powkin inti a force 3 or 4 wi the tide against us asweel so aff wi Betty an rolled oot the jib ti tack west the 15 miles ti Lawrence Cove. Gran sailin at abeen 5 knots which is aricht for us . Mo suffered in silence!! We got west in 6 most enjoyable tacks an wis moored at the sma marina at 6pm aside boats fae a' ower. The marina is owned an very well run bi Phill an her loon John. We walked ti the village wi 4 French sailors who are deein a course on a 32ft yacht fae Baltimore. We've seen a few charter boats fae there an Kinsale. The pub wis large wi nae atmosphere bit its Monday nicht an fowk hiv ti be sensible fin thiv work to go tae eh? How's that then? Tues 2nd--- As the wind looked a bit strong for gan ower Mizen Hd for the next few days we were quite happy ti spend thim here at this fine little marina an hae some walks on the narra lanes so that wis the plan. As it wis nice an sunny we walked ti the east end o' the island ti Lonehort Battery far there are still two 9 inch guns coverin the deep water anchorage used in the wars. Churchill,as First Lord, gave it back ti the Republic the day afore war broke oot an they widna gees it back. Int at terrible ? Thirs work gan on ti restore a' the underground stuff so it wis closed which wis a pity. We wannert back along a different lane an hid a good feed a brummels an it's still early August. Wiv seen fuschia a' doon the west coast an here the hedgerows wir made up o' them. Mo's niver seen the like. We booked a meal for 8pm at ane o' the twa hotels on the island an as it wis the nearest ane at twa miles an nae taxis we walked along or shid I say up an doon tae it arriving jist efter 8 as we'd taen a wrang road. The meal wis fine an we got a lift back ti the boat fae the owner. Wed 3rd-A dreich rainy morning so efter coffee mo went up ti the marina laundry ti dee her stuff. She hid a yarn wi Phill, the lady that runs the marina wi her son an she telt her that her husband hid been killed 11 years ago while commin in ti the marina on a rib at nicht. Phill is a very pleasant an helpful lady an I wid fairly recommend her marina. As it rained a' day we stayed aboard an relaxed wi the heatin on. Thurs 4th-A better day bit the wind is still nae suitable for leavin bit the cast is ok for Friday. On wir walk the day we heard somebody bangin awa wi a hammer bit fin we were commin back the sooth road we saw 18 sojers on the rifle range. So much for the hammer !!. I widniv lastet lang on D Day. Back at the boat I spoke wi a lad fae a big(43ft) Westsail an hid him aboord for a beer.He telt us ti use his moorin at the Royal Cork fin we git there, which wis typical o' the Irish that we met on the west coast. I checked the engine for a leak an changed the fanbelt afore haein an early night ready for sailin at 5.30 next day. Frid 5th Aug-We left the pontoon at 6 in a calm an motored west thru the soon, clearin Bere Island at 7.15 an steered for Mizen Heed. The wind wis light westerly so we hid ful sail an a strong ebb ti tak us ti Mizen pretty quick passin Sheep Hd an the well named Three Castle Hd on the wye. Mizen has a very impressive lichthoose wi a span crossin ower the cliffs tae it. Our plan hid been ti swing left ti Crookhaven bit Fastnet beckoned so at Mo's suggestion we headed for it as conditions were perfect. The Fastnet is an icon in the sailin world for various reasons so the incentive ti git oot roon it wis strong. It wis something else, a massive lichthoose built inti the rock wi a helipad at its side an we baith felt that it wis a very poignant moment fin we passed roon it. I hiv ti say that I niver thocht that I wid see it. We headed for Baltimore noo instead o' gan inti Long Island Bay far yi cid spend a week or twa gan roon a' the islands. Probably anither mistake!! Wi the wind free we wirna lang in passin "Lots Wife" the big white pillar on the cliff at the entrance ti Baltimore hairber. Aince in, thir wir hunners a boats on moorins wi ribs fleein aboot awye. Fit a steer. A boat wis commin awa fae the visitors pontoon as we went alongside so we lucky ti git the berth for the nicht. Went ashore for a look an noticed that it wis posh kine. Distance the day a good an enjoyable 44 miles