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Around Ireland 2011 part 4
Circumnavigating Ireland 2011 Leg 8 Dublin----Home Tues 6th Sept---Back at Poolbeg efter a week at hame and a few days at Ardmore, County Waterford attendin a family widdin. It hid been a busy time at hame and the widdin wis as yi wid expect in Ireland so efter the drive north we were ready for an early nicht. The win wis strong fae the west bit I niver heard it. Wed 7th---Still blowin a gale so efter breakfast we walked up ti the hert a Dublin bi a different route an came back via the 02.It's a vibrant city wi plenty ti see. Back at Poolbeg we watched a big cruise ship leavin her berth athoot tugs an made it look so easy wi her double banked thrusters. The usual bunch were in the club so we spent a very pleasant twa oors yarnin aboot athin. We're hopin ti move the ten miles roon ti Howth the morn ti see hoo the ither half live !! Thurs 8th -Mo-After a good nights sleep we had a coffee to get's going then John took on water while I made soup for later on as we are definitely moving on today. We then had a mixed cooked breakfast before going up to the clubhouse to pay our dues and fuel. John says we got a good deal. We met up with Brian and Tom so, as usual, the conversation went back to their fishing days. We cast off and was on the river at 12.15 keeping inside the bouys to clear a big fast ferry. The short hop to Howth was lovely in sunshine with a light breeze and we arrived in the very busy marina at 2.15. We signed in, had a drink in the beautiful club and walked round to the fishing harbour where there were quite a few very well presented fish shops and chandlers. Hoping to leave in the morning but the forecast is poor Distance today was a pleasant 9 miles. Frid 9th till Tues 13th Sept---Stuck in Howth wi gales fae the north and northwest. Mo went for a four hour walk roon the Howth area takin in the gran hooses an clifftop path while I scuttert wi a leakin satwater pipe. I hid a sare knee so nought an excuse for nae gan!! On Saturday Mo cooked the breakfast so it wis brunch at 11am. The fishin fleet wis in wi the bad wither so we went roon ti see if thir wis ony crack. I hid a good chat wi twa young fishermen fae Wexford who were mendin thir net as it had been towed awa bi anither boat whose watchkeeper, an Egyptian, had fa'en asleep an nearly run thim doon. Thirs a big fleet workin fae Howth at the moment including 3 boats that were built at Macduff. We then popped inti a really good second hand book sale an topped up wir library an seein it wis hot an dusty I hid a pint while Mo went roon the first class market an got some stores. On Sunday I met a lad in the showers who is sailin roon the UK wi his wife on a J 120 an hid been in Buckie a few weeks ago. He said that they've used mare gas than diesel on thir trip so far. I canna git ma heid roon at ane an winnerin if he tells porkies ?? They hiv been in Howth for a week waitin on wither. Monday-Anither wild nicht an Mo says it's better here than at anchor like it wis at the Aran Isles an I second that. Wir chums, Sandra an David, are crossin ti Larne the day wi thir motor home an she txtd Mo sayin the waves are higher than the ferry??.They joined us at 2pm for soup an sannies on thir wye sooth tae Wicklow so we hid a fine yarn comparing camper vans an sma sailboats. Thirs been an international dinghy regatta scheduled for the weekend so that meant plenty noise an bustle as they rig thir boats. The racin has been delayed due ti the gales bit a few hiv tried ti practice an broke things. Tues-Wind still howlin durin the nicht bit seems ti be easin so the werd is that the first race is on. We walked along the shore road the 2k?? ti Sutton bit I reckon it wis 5miles there an back. The race hid ti be stopped as thir were lots a boats wi riggin damage. We watched them commin in wi a few broken masts an they wir a' like droont rats. We went up the brae ti the PO an found some bonny shops so got mare stores including steaks for wir supper. We'll hae ti git some gas used. Wed 14th Sept-Rose early, had cuppa an made ready ti sail. Put in two reefs an hoisted the main before sailin at 7am. The cast is west 6/7 decreasin 5/6 so shid hae a fine beam reach ti Kilkeel, a fishin hairber jist ower the border. We hid a gran sail north inside Lamby, close ti Skerries an inside Rockabill tho it wis choppy kine for twa mile passin Skerries as we romped north wi the tide wi us. On approachin Kilkeel I cwidna contact the hairbermaister so tied up on the hammerhead on the pontoon at the top o' the hairber. The pontoon hid been put in for recreation boats bit wis used be the smaller fishin boats wi some berths for part timers. Kilkeel is a bonny toon noo an very different fae when I first visited in the nineties when there wis a big army presence in fit is a border toon. Distance the day-39 miles Thurs 15th---We spent a disturbed nicht wi big propellers thrashin as boats came an went so at 8.45 we squeezed oot past the dredger at the hairber moo an headed for Ardglass. Gently motorsailin towards St Johns Point in a licht se win we hid ti keep a good lookoot for the many creels on this pairt o' the coast bit it wis an enjoyable morning wi the pilot steerin. A big, very well fished herrin trawler was gan in the rocky inlet ti the hairber so we followed him in past the fishin part and went up the cove ti the newish marina which is owned bi the community an run bi a volunteer retired RN man, Freddy, and his dog Ben. Efter settlin in at the marina which had plenty berths, we had a walk roon the sma toon/big village an liked it so we're gan ti bide for a few days, hire a car an hae look roon the villages that we're sailin past an also drive up ti the Mourne Mountains. Fishermen fae this coast were at the big Isle of Man herrin fishery in the seventies and I've kept in touch wi a few o' them so am hopin ti tak the chance ti meet up for a blether aboot the good old days !! Distance the day-19 miles Frid 16th-Went up ti see Freddie aboot a car an he organised it sayin it wid be there at 1.30. The lad turned up at 3.30 havin come a' the wye fae Belfast. Nae bad service an it wisna dear. As it wis late in the day we jist went the half oor ti Newcastle which is a bonny toon bit busy, as it's a popular seaside holiday place. That evenin we went up the brae ti Mannie's Bar that's run bi Sean an a fine pubbie it is wi a good buzz aboot it bit nae boom boom music. Sean showed us the glass covered well in the lounge floor which is an unusual feature o' the pub. It wis nicely lit up an had been the original source o' water for the building. Sat 17th-Drove along the coast road ti Kilkeel ti visit Alex Newel an al freen fae the seventies an tho we used ti meet up at fishin exhibitions it had been a lang time since I'd seen him. Alex is in his mid seventies an has a great interest in boats an engines so efter a cuppa wi him we took him roon the very busy hairber an wis telt far ivery boat wis built an fit hp the engine had. Efter a drive aboot the toon we drapped him aff an headed for the hills. It wis a hale good drive wi bonny scenery an we niver got back ti Lotus till 7pm. Fred said that Sandy Macintosh had been doon lookin for us. The bush telegraph is widespread here. Sandy's mither is fae Finechty an tho he worked ashore he wis richt inti boats an his fowk in Scotland. Alex had been tellin us that fin Sandy's father wis buried in the cemetery overlookin the hairber, Bobby McCulloch rung his boats bell 13 times which wis a traditional farewell ti an ex crew member. Sun 18th---Plan for the day is ti drive north along the coast as far as Bangor an come back on the inland road gan doon the west side o' Strangford Lough. Crossed fae Strangford ti Portaferry wi the ferry gan sidewise in the fierce tide an headed for Portavogie. Portavogie is a busy fishin hairber wi mare than half o' the fleet haein been bocht fae ne Scotland an well maintained bi the look o' them. It's a strong protestant toon wi the kerbs paintet reed, fite an blue an murals awye includin on the road. It wisna a' UDF stuff tho as thir wis twa on a fish hoose wa' o' George Best an ane o' a Buckie fish quine fae days past. I hid a yarn wi a local lad for half an oor as Mo took photos. Fae there we headed up along the the coast ti Donaghadee far we hid wir denner. The toons along this coast were geared up for holiday breaks an were busy durin "The Troubles" fan folk got oot a Belfast for a curn days. We went as far as Bangor which will probably be wir next hairber an started sooth again. The roads were good until we branched aff at Comber ti pass doon the Lough where they were windie bit the scenery wis bonny. Yi'll mine that Mo wis drivin as I had forgot ti tak ma licence. Onywye, we stopped at a sma pubbie in Killyleagh ti watch the Man U v Chelsea game an were well received even tho we were outnumbered 8 ti 2 bi the Chelsea lads !!. Fae there we went happily on wir wye ti Downpatrick far we walked roon the Down Cathedral an saw St Patrick's grave ?? It wis back ti Ardglass noo far we dumped the car an walked roon ti the the golf club which is in a 16th century castle an very impressive it wis asweel. I spoke wi Sandy an he said that he wid be doon ti see us wi Alex the next day. Lookin forret ti that an I wish I cid tape it!! Mon 19th Sept-The plan is ti sail at 2pm at the latest ti catch the tide north bit as the lads are commin atween 10 an 11 we'll see hoo it goes. Sandy wis doon at 10 an niver stopped speakin. Turns oot that he's related ti baith Mo an masel thru mairrage. Alex arrived wi a driver, Brian, at 11 and he had a fair sized bag a spuds for us fae his fairmer pal. It wis nonstop stories aboot athin including Sandy's exploits in Buckie (niver kent thir wis as mony parties in wir hame toon ?) and off course, boats an engines. Efter 3 cups a tea Sandy left ti tak his wife ti a hosp appointment so we had soup wi Alex an Brian. That wis them till 3pm so nae sailin the day. Alex suggested we go the Milligans for kippers an fin we went there the man said that he'd been expectin us an gave us a box acceptin no payment. Kippers an Irish tatties the nicht an they were the best yet. It hid been a lang time since I'd haen Douglas Bank kippers. Turned oot a dirty nicht wi rain an a fresh se win. FYI--If yi meet ony Irishmen named Alex yi'll ken that he's nae catholic !!! Tues 20th-Up at 6.30 ti a bonny morning so decided ti head north ti Bangor. Sailed at 8.30 oot ti al' swall fae last nichts se breeze bit it wis noo a force 2 fae the ssw. We hid a chavvie run afore the win on the engine wi twa reefs in at first bit the cast is sw 5/6 as the day goes on so we shid git a fine sail eventually. Crossin the moo a Strangford it wis bouncy kine bit as we altered ti port up along the coast we rolled oot the ful jib an hid a fine sail north gan inside Copeland Island thru Donaghadee Sound. A beat up along the shore saw us in Bangor at 3pm. The big marina has plenty berths an has the best an cleanest showers that we've seen so far along wi great service fae thir excellent staff. On a visit ti this area in the late nineties Alex drove me an ma freen Walter the fifty odd miles fae Kilkeel ti Bangor in 13 oors, visitin many friends on the wye. Oh me!! Distance the day 33 miles. Wed 21st-Plenty wind durin the nicht so nae sailin the day. The rain stopped at 3pm so we had a wanner roon Bangor takin in the really bonny park wi a' kine a birds an finished at Jenny Watts far I hid the best pint in oor travels . Thurs 22nd-Rose at 7 an had a walk roon the marina ti check oot the boats there. A few perfect cruisers bit Mo disna seem interested. Oh well, yiv jist got ti plug awa I suppose. The weather looks fine for gittin north a bit so I payed wir £42 dues an we sailed at 10.30 headin for Glenarm, a place that I'd nivver been in tho I'd passed it a curn times. It wis a hale good beam reach in a wsw force 4/5 a' the wye following a boat that had sailed fae Carrickfergus across the loch fae Bangor. It entered jist in front o' us an I recognised it as Phil an John's last Harmony. The new marina is a perfect half wye stop atween Bangor an places in Scotland so am sure that they'll see quite a few visitors. The village has a shop, twa cafes an twa pubs so we took a taxi the short hop ti Carlough for a meal an it wis very good in a bonny place that wis aince owned bi Sir Winston. The pub in Glenarm wis quiet apairt fae the tv so it wis back ti the boat ' Distance the day-24 miles Frid 23rd-Oor plan is ti cross ti Campbelltown an fae there head north ti the Crinan as Mo hisna been thru that canal. Am nae sure if it's a good plan bit wir nae in a hurry yet. Thirs a fresh southerly and it looks like the same for twa days so we'll bide here an maybe tak the bus ti Larne the day. Well, we did an didna bide lang as the toon hid a sad, run doon feel ti it. Thir wis a darts match in one o' the Glenarm pubs an it wis busy so we tried the ane next door.Thir wis mare crak there an they were promotin Jack Daniels an dishin oot stetsons. Mo said I cwidna wait ti git back on the boat ti play Marty Robbins bit I think she's makin that up ?? Sat 24th-Mo made a pot a soup afore we got the bus north ti Ballycastle.It wis a lovely run up thru The GlensOf Antrim wi some unusual sichts on the wye. The bus stopped at Glenariff an abody got aff for ten minutes while we waited for the bus fae the north ti come so the drivers cid swap ower. Good efficient service eh. The hairber at Ballycastle is nae big an has berths for aboot 40 boats an a sma basin for a few fishin boats. The breakwater cwid tak coasters / ferries wi the Hebridean Princess there for the day wi many o' the passengers awa on buses ti the Giants Causeway. The ex Buckie Lynn Marie wis there an a famous ringnetter, Mary Manson still wi it's original OB 61 number. They were fishin for queenie clams. It's a bonny toon wi two very striking sculptures at the hairber an wir thinkin that we must come back here. On gittin back ti Glenarm we noticed that two motor cruisers had came in an were lyin next ti Lotus. Thir wis a party gan on an it wis loud an got louder. Ae wifie hid a helluva screech an we were gled fin she seemed ti conk oot! Sun 25th-Slept well thru a' the partyin an it wis very quiet as we enjoyed wir breakfast . The wither wis still poor an ane o' the pigboat crews were picked up bi car an went hame ti Belfast. The ither ane left at 3pm wi cans rollin aboot and silence reigned. We, sorry, Mo got the washin deen while I got the Sunday papers an we relaxed an listened ti local radio. Mon 26th-The wind has moderated an the cast is fine so sailed at 10.15 toward Campbelltown, Scotland. The wind wis ssw so we were on a dead run wi the ful jib an Lotus wis rollin a bit. We carried the tide ti Sanda an then punched it ti Davaar Island which is jist outside the hairber. A Moody 44 ketch commin fae the north wi ful sail romped in in front o' us an anchored aff the pier bit we went ti the lang pontoon far the hairbermaister wis waitin ti tak wir ropes. Distance the day-35 miles Tues 27th-Had a wanner roon the toon an hid a browse in a fine al' bookshop that selt quite a few books bi local fowk. I went back an scuttert aboot the boat bit Mo wis in the mood for walkin so she took her camera an did the toon trail. She found the beautiful an peaceful garden of remembrance dedicated ti Linda Macartney far thir wis a bronze statue o' her huddin a lamb. Fit wis said ti be the allest ? picture hoose in Scotland wis gittin a revamp prior ti bein opened an thirs a big stane cross at the hairber far tradition states that yi hiv ti go roon it when gittin mairret an fin yi peg oot the hearse shid go roon asweel. There yi are noo. Wed 28th-A Rival 34 based in Larne wis jist back fae a summer in Norway far he'd been the previous summer asweel. Gavin Newey the skipper wis a very tuned in lad so it wis really interestin tae hae a crack wi him, so good in fact that we nearly missed the bus ti Tarbert. The run up the road on the west side is bonny an as it wis clear we hid fine views o' the islands ti the west. Efter lunch we walked up the hill ti the ruined castle a looked doon on the hairber an across Loch Fyne. We then wannert the mile ti the al' quay far the herrin boats landed in days gone by an bi the time we got back ti the toon it wis time ti hop on the bus. Thurs 29th-Thir wis a gusty win durin the nicht bit we hid a moderate southerly in the morning so we'll head awa for Tarbert or Portavadie in the foreneen. I had a look for Gavin for a bit mare crack bit it looked like he'd had a late nicht an wis still happet ower the heid!! We passed Davaar Island at 10.30 an were seen rompin along in 12/15 knots a southerly wind wi a bit a swall on the quarter. Oor course took us gradually across toward Arran bit as it wis very overcast an misty we wirna seein much till efter twa oors the sun broke thru an it wis a fine sail up the shore . We went inti Loch Ranza for a look an saw that thir wis a pontoon plus 14 moorins there noo. As we entered Loch Fyne we started ti see mare boats including two OYC 80 footers bit it looked like a' the boats were headin for Tarbert an we were gan ti the new marina at Portavadie. It had been planned as an oilrig construction site and the massive hole had been left fin the demand for rigs built in this country hid dried up as the work went ti the far east. Athin aboot this marina is first class wi the langest fingers that I've come across and also the deepest wi 13 metres under Lotus, beautiful buildins, restaurant ,showers ( even a "family" shower room).The mind boggles. For a' that gran facilities, mare than half the berths were empty bit am sure that will change. We got dolled up an treated wirsels ti a meal an we wirna disappointed as athin aboot it wis spot on. Had a toddy before retiring. Distance the -36 quick miles. Frid 30th-Sailed at 7.15 an had a fast sail ti the Crinan Canal entrance at Ardrishaig in a fresh ssw win wi the sun commin up ower the hills. I payed wir dues an the surly lockkeeper let er rip an we hid ti watch ropes an fenders as the water thundered in wi foam up ti wir deck. We went thru wi three lads fae Yorkshire on "Stillson",a Westerly Centaur an very very glad o' thir help a' the wye cos efter the sealock yir on yir own wi nae guidance or tips fae the BW staff. The lad at the sealock that day wisna a good advert. Onywye we picked it up as we went along an if it hidna been for the hivviest rain we'd seen ower the hale summer it wid've been a fine experience in nice scenery. Mo's father wid've said that "it wis enuf a rain as rot a chine". We stopped at Cairnban for a pint an bade a filie ower lang cos that made us late for the last brig openin at 4.45 which meant we were stuck aboot a mile fae Crinan an wi the rain still bucketin doon we wirna gan ti walk along ti there in the dark. The Yorkshire lads did tho an invited us aboord for a cocktail fin they came back. The Crinan Canal is bloody hard work. Distance the day-19 miles including the canal. Sat 1st Oct---The bridge opened at 8.30 and we chugged along in a bonny morning ti Crinan far we waited in the basin for twa boats ti lock in. The Stillson lads were winnerin if they wid head back as they only hid a couple a days sailin at this side afore returnin ti thir berth at Largs an the forecast is calm conditions so nae much chance o' a sail. We baith left the sealock an as we headed west for Dorus Mor I looked back an they were gan back inti the lock!! We passed a reekie Vic 32 an motored a' the wye up the Soon a Luing, thru Kerrera Soon an tied up at Dunstaffnage at 5pm. Distance the day-33 engine miles Sun 2nd Oct-Payed our tenner dues (winter rates??) an hid a look at "Foam". She's still lyin there as she wis in May so looks like Jim hisna been fit ti come thru ti work on the damage. Motored oot at 8.30 wi nae a breath,up thru Appin Soon, Shuna Soon, far we hid a look for Trevor, an anchored in the bay north a there for a hefty brunch. The flood wisna on at Corran so it wis a case a scuffin the east shore an creepin thru. A fine breeze set in fae the ssw so it wis a gran sail afore it, gybin back an fore as we romped toward Corpach far we were welcomed bi wir fowk, Manda an Jake who were on holiday in a cottage up Glen Nevis. Efter moorin in the basin we packed a bag an headed aff ti spen the nicht wi them an affa fine it wis asweel. Even tho we hid been keepin in touch almost daily an they hid been plottin wir trip on a big Irish map, it wis good ti hae a natter ower wir supper an a few glassies afore turnin in ti a great big bed. Distance the day-26 miles Mon 3rd-Efter a super sleep an breakfast we were drapped aff at the boat. Four fishin boats were in the sealock so we waited in the basin until the workin men went up thru the double lock afore gan up wi a very old gaffer who tied up at the fit a Banavie. We then went up thru wi a Westerly Pentland (Bill) fae the Broch an hid his company ti Fort Augustus. As we waited 40 mins at Gairlochy for a barge ti catch up, Bill telt us the story o' his trip single hannin fae the sooth coast a England, far he'd bocht the boat an renamed her "Jeanie's Spirit" efter es mither.He'd hid a bit o' a nightmare trip wi poor wither an topped it aff wi haein ti pit in a new engine at Cornwall bit it hidna fazed him. We got clear a Gairlochy an inti Lochy in a freshenen sw breeze an the barge turned back as it wis ower windy!! We hid a reef in the jib an were rompin along fin it started gustin up ti gale an yi ken hu it is fin yir rinnin afore the win. The boat's gan fast an dry bit fin athin starts ti shak it's nae si easy ti reef mare. Onywye, wi Mo steerin I got the jib rolled inti a hankie, gybed an athin wis fine again efter a curn hairy minits. Bill didna hae it so easy as his rollin gear didna work an he hid ti go forret wi his pilot nae workin properly. It wis VERY hairy for him. When we got ti Laggan Locks we received a ballackin fae the keeper cos we didna answer his call on the vhf tellin us ti hurry up as he wis needin hame. I explained the situation re noise etc bit he seemed tae hae his hearin aid switched aff. Mo likes the canal bit I dinna. The facilities hiv improved a helluva lot since I first came thru in the sixties an aboot forty transits later I still find it the maist frustratin time ti be on a boat. Onywye we were stuck there for the nicht so Bill came aboord for soup an a dram then we went ti the Eagle Bar barge an wis pleasantly surprised as it wis hale bonny wi a cosy feel ti it. Had a munchy on Lotus afore turnin in wi the heatin on. Tues 4th Oct-A lazy start the day an niver got goin till 10.30 wi nae sign a Bill as we left the pontoon. We went richt thru ti the top a Fort Augustus on wir own, gittin stars fae Linda at Kytra for weerin wir lifejackets, an waited there till 2.30 afore startin doon wi a motor cruiser an two yachts. Bill arrived at 5pm sayin that "it's like drivin ti Aiberdeen an a car goes tearin past an guess fa's jist in front o' yi fin yi git ti the first traffic lichts ?" Oh well !! 5th Oct. Cwid be the last day---We sailed at 8.45 in a fresh breeze fae the ssw wi only half o' the jib oot an hid the best sail ivver on Loch Ness, gybin a few times so as tae go close past the castle. There wis mare motion a' the wye doon bit the boat wis good an dry takin us thru Dochgarroch at the back o' twelve an then a smooth run thru the Inverness section an oot o' the sealock at half past three. The wind wis fresh ti strong fae the sw noo bit even wi the flood still on we hid a fast run ti the Riff Bank far, in the poor viz, I strayed a bit sooth gan east in the sooth channel bit we eased oot inti the deeper water an romped along. The win veered ti west an freshened as we came east an it wis a poor nicht as we passed Burghead bit Lotus wis gan fine an nae takin a drap as we ran doon afore it at hull speed. Looks worse in the dark eh? Aince roon the Skerries we bore awa for hame an efter passin Lossie it wis a different nicht so rolled oot the hale jib an got inti Buckie aboot midnight gittin a vg welcome fae wir nephew Errol which wis very much appreciated. We hid a yarn, tidied up, hid a dram an happet the heid. Distance fae Corpach aboot 100 miles Summary fae Mo---Fin we had decided ti try an sail roon Ireland I really thocht "I'd bitten off mare than I cid chew" as I'm nae the boatie type tho I div enjoy gan awa for the weekend or a couple a weeks in the summer. It's the places that I like tae gan ti see raither than the sailin there so it wis gan ti be a richt testin galavant for me. Thir wis an affa lot o' bonny places that I've nivver heard o' afore an places that I've aye wanted ti visit. I think the islands an villages on the west coast were extra special an very traditional tho the cities an toons a' roon Ireland hid thir attractions an were steeped in history. The fowk were affa kind an generous especially fin John wisna feelin too well early on in oor trip. The wither wis mixed an fin it rained it really rained an fin it blew it blew. I must admit there were a few times fin I thocht that "fit am I deein here, I must be mad" an I hid ti remind John a few times fin things wirna richt. Haein said that, it wis an experience that I widna hae missed an am gled that I managed ti gan a' the wye. Roll on the Med. Summary--- Despite cruising for nearly five months we still missed many places, bays an lochs bit it wis fine ti spen a day or twa at places that felt good and explore the area. For me, the west an northwest coasts were the best bi far as the fowk were really freenlie an the scenery beautiful. The swells gan ower some afflyin submerged rocks were awesome. We tended ti use the engine a bit mare than I wid've liked bit we're nae purists an sometimes we felt we hid ti git on a bit. Haein said that we hid some gran sails an found Lotus a first class boat for the twa o' us. Gan ower the famous headlands like Malin, Bloody Foreland, Mizen, Old Head of Kinsale wis good bit the ane ti top it wis gan roon Fastnet. I winner if I'll dee that again? We hardly used wir vhf as thir didna seem ti be a requirement ti call the hairbers as it is here. We had the 6 Imray charts ti cover Ireland an a laptop wi 810 charts ti cover the British Isles which had some good close in stuff when required bit a plotter in the cockpit wid've been handy.The two Irish Cruisin Club pilots fae the nineties were useful bit I regret nae gittin the latest editions. I found the big Reeds almanac hid some inaccurate info on tides and moorings. Our new Manson anchor wisna used many times bit when we did anchor it niver budged and it wis well tested twice on the west coast. We hid a handheld gps bit niver used it as wir AP8 worked fine a' the time. Finally, I hiv ti say that Mo did very very well in copin wi sometimes poorish conditions an it wis her keen attitude that got us goin lots a times. Singlehandin is nae si good as sharing the sichts that cruising provides Oor total distance wis 1425 miles John and Mo Smith Lotus