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Findochty Harbour and Village The Harbour Findochty has, probably, the most picturesque harbour on the southern shore of the Moray Firth. Situated three miles East of Buckie it offers protection from storms from all directions, although there can be a strong surge in really bad northerly storms. It does not offer all weather access as reflecting waves from the walls and shore can make passage past the outer wall at Sterlochy "rolly" even in a moderate swell. The harbour drys completely at Low Water Spring tides. Spring Tide low water is around 06.00 and 18.00, with High Water Springs around mid day. During Neap tides, moderate draft boats would be able to enter at most states of the tide. A handy tide gauge is the base of the east wall, inshore of Sterlochy breakwater. The wall is of concrete. At the base there are steel pilings. If these can be seen there is probably not enough water to enter. If the pilings are visible you can wait for the tide moored to the shoreward side of Sterlochy in fair weather. Permanent berth holders are berthed on three pontoons, on the South side of the harbour. Visitors can berth on the inside of the west wall. As you enter, turn to starboard. On entering the inner harbour berth against the wall to starboard. At the east end of the wall is a deeper hole where many boats can stay afloat at all states of the tide, springs excepted. There is firm sand against the western end of the west wall, which is ideal for scrubbing the bottom. Water is available at the East pontoon, although it is difficult to get your boat close to the tap. Visitors to Findochty need to contact the harbourmaster,Mr C Oxford,on 01542-832700 to arrange visitor berthing. There is currently a long waiting list for permanent berths. The Village There is a shop above the harbour for most essentials. Excellent meals can be enjoyed in The Admirals public house, on the Harbour side. Click here to go to Undiscovered Scotland Findochty page. There is a caravan and camping site to the West of the Harbour, Behind The Admirals Pub. For the Wikipedia entry for Findochty click here
Findochty & Harbour