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Coastal rowing 2019-20
Skiff Captains AGM Report 2019 Well folks, what a year. I am including here a paragraph from my report from 12 months ago. With an increase in club members, Morag’s utilisation has been high, prompting the discussion whether we could successfully support a second skiff. With a positive response, Katie and Mairi resourced additional funding. These funds more than cover the procurement of a second skiff and all the necessary materials and equipment. The Black Isle Brewery started a new build skiff but with staff leaving the company they put it up for sale. This skiff now resides at Cullen Recreation and Community centre. The skiff is now fully planked with outer stem and stern posts fitted. Keel next. New oars are being made with as much effort going into discussion as the making, but we are getting there and the rudder is in the process of being formed. Springtime launch hopefully. Well Sunday 21st April 2019 saw the launch of our second skiff “MORVEN”. A lot of people need to take a lot of pride in getting her to the water in under a year. That kicked the year off although our MORAG was busy throughout the winter. Both boats have been utilised to a far greater extent with a lot of new club members joining us. Apart from outings from Finechty, we took both skiffs to Torridon mid-May. The weather was bliss and I am sure there will enthusiasm to undertake the trip again next year. In June we took both our boats to Sunnyside beach to join Cullen for a beach barbeque. Then into July we had the Finechty gala day. The weather we thocht was not kind to us but in hindsight having to keep the visiting skiffs in the harbour area presented a far greater spectacle for the people around the harbour and added to the success of the gala all round. Sandy organised a trip with Cullen to Loch Morlich. Morven then had a visit to Cromarty for the NE championships/Cromarty Regatta. Our ladies came 2nd in the over 50’s within the local regatta behind Ullapool but as Ullapool were not eligible for the NE Championships which was running in conjunction, the ladies won Gold for this race as part of the NE Championships. Both Morag and Morven attended the Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival. The 31st August saw Morven at Portsoy’s own regatta where oor mannies over 50’s taking bronze (Not bad considering half of them were over 60). FWSC were also presented with a trophy for the best new club to rowing. Morven went to London on the 14th September for the Great River Race. 137th out of 304. The ladies did us proud being assisted by ladies from Holland. Within skiffing circles they were only beaten by carbon fibre oars by all accounts. Morven took part in the Castle to Crane event on the Clyde on the 21st September. We then went to Loch Morlich and Granton over the weekend of 5th October. A good day out for about 14 club members although only 6 stalwarts managed Saturday night. We have had weeks this summer when both boats have been in use every day of the week, which has been a great achievement. October 14th saw Morag out of service for about 4 weeks and using the Cullen shed, where Morven was built, we will give Morag an upgrade incorporating much of what we have learned during the past 5 years. Work is progressing! Thinking possible re-launch around 16th/17th Nov. I think the club should be proud of what has been achieved. Not by the rowers but by all club members. The founding members, those who have kept the club going since 1983, all of our club members who are sharing in this success. The club feeds into the local community, the tourism, the village, the maintenance of harbour activity. Everyone should be proud of what has been achieved…what a year…keep it up. George Craigen (Skiff Captain)89