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What we do 2016
Saturday 9th April saw the start of the club year.
 It was time for the
Findochty Water Sports Club crane in day.
A busy day was planned with a large number of boats needing lifting off the
harbour wall.
We got off to a bit of a false start. The crane arrived right on time at 09.00
but there was no water in the harbour. This had been known, but the plan
was to lift masts while the tide came in.
The crane driver had been
waiting in Buckie for
another boat to arrive on
a trailer. It was running late and he had left to get to us on time. He
suggested that he return to do that lift and return at 10.00.
On his return we proceeded to erect the masts on three boats. This took just
long enough for the tide to rise high enough for us to start craning in without
putting the first boats on the sand. It was thought the first boat, a long keel
motor-sailer, might end up sat on the strops until the tide increased but
there was just enough depth of water for it to float.
We then proceeded
down the pier before returning to the landward end to lift the boats next
to the Howff.
We started with Lotus. It was about high water now and Lotus was the last
of the deep long keel boats to be lifted in, so, if there were any delays, all
the rest could safely be lifted on the sand, to float off on the next tide.
There were no delays though and the last half dozen boats were soon in
the water.
Everything ran smoothly and there were plenty of members doing there bit
throughout the whole lift.
The boat jumble and barbecue made £358.00 for the club, clear profit.  All of these monies were donated to the club from the
profits made by people selling so this was a huge success and we hope to do this again at the crane out and perhaps at the
Findochty summer gala day on 23/7/16.  All profits from the barbecue were donated to the Club.
Now it just remains to get all our boats re-rigged and enjoy the season ahead.
The “First Sail”
 took place on Saturday 7th May 2016.
It was a lumpy sea with a north easterly so not ideal. Sandy
aboard Sea Swallow was first out closely followed by Peter
on Lady Vi and Gordon on Happy Days, I came out last.
We were all out for about an hour or so and just chased each
other around, after we all came in Gordon swapped boats
and went out in Progress, here’s hoping for some really good
sailing days this year.
Ed Durkin
Greek Corfu Cruise May 2016 
Friday 13 
We started our May 2016 trip to the sun with Dad being afa good and drove Bairn and Uncle Doddie (UD) doon the road to 
Edinburgh. But he had booked us into a different hotel that he thocht and took us to the wrang ene. Says he niver kent there 
wis twa Premier Inns around the airport. So we doubled back to South Queensferry and got the rooms which good Dad hid 
booked for us. Happy days. Or it wid hiv been except Dad thocht he wis getting free parking for his wee truck. Well
unfortunately that wis wrang as weel, but nae panics, a wee spot o interweb surfing and Dad recovered the moment wee a wee 
booking into PlaneParking for the following morning and even better wis that we could pick truck up right at the airport when 
we got hame. Disna get much better. But it did wee a nice meal a couple o drams and then tucked up for a good nights sleep or 
until the alarm went aff at 04:00 
Saturday 14 
 May (Edinburgh to Gouvia Marina)
So we are awa tae the airport early doors and there in plenty o 
time efter drapin aff the car at the newly booked parking. Into 
departures singing We’re all going on a summer holiday! But Oh! 
Woe! Bairns dookers hidna been booked onto the same Ryanair 
flight as us. In actual fact they wer’na booked at a. Dad wisna 
sayin nice things aboot Ryanair but £135 lighter, much stress, nae 
tears (close), mair much stress and Bairn’s dookers, UD’s speedos, 
rubber toys and Dad’s gadgets were booked and on their way to 
oor airplane’s hold. So efter oor early start the anticipated 
breakfast refreshment wis runnin oot o time. Quick run through 
the NON-duty free shop where Dad tried a repeat o last year when 
he drapped the bottles, need to pit him in charge o the plastic 
ene’s, and we got to the refreshment counter for breakfast. The 
one Polish quine jist wisna keepin up and oor boarding time wis 
fast approachin. The need for stress relief wis great by this time 
but doon the neck and we wis aff. 
So we had a quick flight we a lovely Irish Stewardess. The 3 ½ hour flight was much foreshortened by liberal portions of wine 
and unbroken Honey Badger. So all safe in Corfu including Bairn’s dookers, into a taxi and hot foot to Gouvia Marina and oor 
charge for the week of a 1 year old Hanse 415 “Deep Blue” (DB). DB’s owner Vasillis handed over his pride and joy and even 
assisted in the major task off appropriating essential stores for the voyage to the next major store shop. With unpacking done, 
showered efter travel, we went to the yacht club restaurant where Bairn didna get her Moussaka but made dee wi meat balls 
as did UD but he canna remember as he wis afa tired, although Bairn claimed in the morning he wis howlt. Dad had pulled pork 
he thinks, said it wis afa good and we retired to DB for a fine sleep. 
Sunday 15th May (Gouvia to Kassiopi) 
All’s good for our Sunday morning and we departed early heading 
north due to there being a sooth wind. We did get a bit o sun but 
nae the best. North through the Northern Corfu Channel between 
Corfu and Albania past the hidden East Cardinal mini oil rig and 
tried to get into Kassiopi. There wisna much room and nae a lot o 
water considerin we drew 2.1 metres. So in case we might upset
the locals we heeded oot again and swung roon the heedland into 
the next bay to anchor on the either side o the castle ruins. Their 
ruined castles are generally mair ruined than they are in Scotland. 
Jist an observation. Managed to get the anchor doon afore the 
rain came on. We the rain aff, UD and Bairn decided to take the 
dingy and hae a row roon the bay and discover a new continent or maybe Princess Fiona’s lair. 
Efter the voyage o discovery, prep’s were made and a landing party assembled for a forage ashore in the dingy. Dad got his bum
weet, but we hid a fine walk through the village, back to the harbour where we had attempted to tie up earlier in the day.
Dad’s bum was dry by the time we settled into the village harbour restaurant. Bairn finally got her Moussaka, UD hid chicken 
stifado and dad hid a steak, afa fine. Many more boats hid managed to squeeze into the limited quay spaces including the 
places where we felt we micht anger the locals, hey ho oor anchorage, our the hill, wis fine and we walked back to where the
sinkin dingy was lyin. Safely back onboard we hid a wee night cap in the cockpeet, Dad fell asleep, before abody got early shut 
02:30 and the mozzie’s were buzzin and scratchin. UD wis found by the Bairn scrabblin aboot lookin for the zapper to kill his 
itchin bites. Bairn wis up lookin for the same thing, so wi drugs, creams and zapper applied to the bites it seemed appropriate 
that a wee mini party could be started. Was mini and nae lang afore abody crawled back to their beds. 
(Distance 13 miles) 
Monday 15 
 May (Kassiopi to Petriti)
Heavy rain overnight and the Bairn wisna happy. Weet, Nae hair
clips tae play wi, nae sun and wis cauld as weel. We weighed 
anchor and heeded sooth lookin for sun. We went back through the 
straits past the hidden East Cardinal mini oil rig and the sun came 
oot to play. Bairn smiling. Headed for Petriti with the plan to just 
hae a looky see. Motor sailed all the way. Petriti is a lovely wee
place. Fairly open and nae good if ony weather we thocht 
testament to the wrecked yacht on the sooth east side o the bay. 
We managed to get in afore the arrival of a sailin holidays flotilla. 
They tied up aroon the pint o the pier we one yacht tickin hunners 
o tries afore UD got onboard, untied a knot in their chain and we a 
helped them get tied up alongside DB. Abody afa grateful which wis nice. Ashore for oor supper as usual but naebody can mine 
fit Bairn hid to ate. UD in Dad baith hid steak and the cats were afa pleased because they got maste o them bathe. But the 
mussels drizzled wi lemon juice were wonderful. Oor new bestest favourite. 
(Distance 23 miles) 
Tuesday  16 
 May (Petriti to Gaios)
Tuesday morning started with beautiful sunshine and the 3 amigos headed ashore to forage the shelves of the local 
supermarket for essential stores or at least buy breed fae the baker which was just next door. Obviously we had gone to bed 
too early last night as there was no life in town and we were far too early for the shops. Nothing else for it but to return to a 
restaurant on the front watching the fisherman unloading theirs catches from night fishing with their large fush attracting flood 
lamps and the local toms spraying the bumpers of the 
parked cars. When the cars drove off the smell was rank, 
but we smiled and ordered breakfast anyway. Dad had his 
all day breakfast whilst UD and Bairn dived into delicious 
cheese saganaki and a wee breakfast wine to wash it 
down. Afa fine which set us up for another trip to the 
shops. Success greeted us this time and the bread plus 
extras were purchased. Back onboard and the ropes were loosed and we were off for Paxos. Motored round the low lying cape 
of Ak Levkimmi. Low lying was right, hardly anything above the surface of the water. With shallows about ¾ mile off shore Dad
was instructed to bide weel clear. Once round we turned south and round the south end of Corfu then across the separating 
channel to Paxos. Our plan was to head for Gaios but first we stopped off in a 
bonny bay where a muckle yacht looked as though he had spent the night. Light 
lunch o breed, salad and a wee wine and sunbathing with a wee siesta, just the 
job to get properly into the holiday spirit. After oor wee siesta in the sun, we 
surveyed the bay and the muckle yacht was gone and replaced by oor sailing 
holiday flotilla chums. Although sun was up it was airish for a dip so we decided 
we would get crackin to get ourselves into Gaios before the flotilla booked all the 
best berths. Anchor aweigh and heading sooth. There to port was a yacht with a 
fender overboard situation although they may well have been practicing. Dad 
thought we should go and gi them a hand which was a vast alteration of course to 
port bringin the wind from near astern to just forward of the beam. Well the 
chart that flew overboard had been brought up by UD in anticipation of the shallow narrow entrance to Gaios and hadn’t 
planned on a windy course change. So we left the other boat to find their ain fender whilst we dealt with our chart overboard 
situation. Nae problem to an experienced crew accustomed to recovering things being lost overboard, remember the hat, 
badger, boathook, wife, earring, manservant plus lost dingy episode from previous trippy? Well say no more. So with the chart 
recovered, which we needed anyway to pilot into Gaios we headed in.  An afa bonny place with a long winding front with bars,
restaurants and few shops. Very picturesque which UD wondered off we his camera to tak a few snappies. UD spotted a bonny 
wee restaurant elevated a level and not very big so thought it might be family run and with the hope of good grub. 
Recommendation made, showers done, hair done we trouped to the said place. We called it the green balcony but sun went 
behind hills so we ate indoors. Bitty dearer 70 euros than previous nights 50 euros but we all reckoned it was well worth it. 
(Distance 20 miles) 
Wednesday 17 
 May (Gaios to Parga)
Up sharp as usual and decided time to top up on the water. Not a lot of pressure and took forever but task achieved. Whilst 
Dad monitored, UD and Bairn checked oot the north side o the harbour owing to last night’s restaurant having been sooth from 
oor berth. Walked the length of the street, which wasn’t far, took the appropriate tourist snap of the harbour and wondered 
back. Chatted to boys fae Fife and to oor knot in anchor chain pals. Back onboard Dad was still fillin water but nae much later, 
all wis done and we were on oor way. Dad wanted to go oot the south entrance where the pilot book said dinna try it if your
near 2.0 metres (we were 2.1) and Bairn won the day guiding him North. Another bonny like day and what a difference the sun 
makes. Swung oot o the North Gaios entrance and headed 
sooth past Mongonisi, being an Uncle Bobbie 
recommendation, on towards Anti Paxos. Pilot book 
speaks of a sandy bay in the North East with a pebble 
beach bay just south of it. The chart had a number of 
anchorages with one on the south side of a headland 
which might have given us more shelter from the North
West wind when it started around lunchtime. Anyway we 
had a run doon and came back up the coast settling for 
the pebble beach bay, 4 boats at anchor and a taverna 
which looked not open. Bonniest day so far so Bairn and 
UD got their rubber toys oot and went dookin. Bairn wis attacked by a killer whale but she overcame and tamed it. All this 
done withoot strayin fae her rubber lilo. Afa fine getting into the water or maybe should rephrase that and say it was afa fine 
once a yer bits got weet. So toys went back onboard and the wind started to do usual lunchtime pickup. So we upped anchor 
and headed on a beam reach due East to Parga. Crackin 
sail across passed a couple o auld scunners headin west 
and although we waved we just got a shack o the heed
and nae idea fit their problem wis. Gave them right o way
as per rules but maybe they felt they needed a couple o 
miles, hey ho. Parga itself is afa bonny but nae a place for 
a deep keeled yacht. We went where a the ither boats
were at the west side of the bay in Ormos Valtou. Nosed 
in but boulders, shallows and a wreck put us aff and for 
the sake o the mannies 1 year auld muckle boat we 
decided to anchor. Back oot to position just aff the
harbour and the beach where a number of other boats 
were lying to anchor. There is a boat taxi runs back and 
forth between Parga town and Valtou including stop offs 
at the anchorage. So we picked up the wee mannie on his boatie about 7 30 whereby he took us through the jaws o death rocks 
and safely into town pier. Sure he does it every night. We walked up and down the front and decided to give the mannie at
BACCHOS restaurant oor business. Had a chat with the mannie and he said it was a family run business with himself cousins 
nephews but again it was afa good and we still didna feel cheated at 90 euros. Got the water taxi mannie back to the boat and 
lookin forward to a quiet night at anchor but the water slapped DB’s backside all night. 
(Distance 16 miles) 
Thursday 18 
 May (Parga to Mourtos)
We left Parga and motored all the way to Mourtos. Cloudy 
day, afraid our best two sunny days were now behind us. 
Another bonny we place with a fine open firm and tidy 
quayside although there was only just enough water to 
bring DB in stern first. We got there before lunch as there 
seemed little point on stopping off wi nae sun. Once we 
were tied up we went ashore for our lunch and found 
another lovely wee place on the front where we had a
long chat with the mannie in the restaurant about the 
merits of in or out of the EU. But Dad was fadin fast. We 
got back to DB and Dad had to retire and didna get ony 
tea. UD went for a lang walk to check if there was a 
LIDL’s wi nae success although he did find all sorts of 
other shops. The biggest place we had been in so far not including Gouvia and Kerkira in Corfu. So wi Dad oot o action the Bairn 
and UD had an unsupervised party going ashore for supper to Captain Georgeo’s Restaurant on the water front. Bairn had 
Moussaka for a change and UD had stiffado. Two giraffes o wine later we stotted hame to DB to see if Dad wis ony better.
Apparently that pished we didna manage a nightcap, Dad was well slept so wis wakened a night but Bairn and UD had good 
sleeps. Although Bairn claimed Dad and UD were baith 
snoring so got locked in their cabins and Bairn then hid 
fine sleep in the saloon. 
(Distance 13 miles) 
Friday 19 
 May (Mourtos to Gouvia)
We got a couple o messages in the morning, got the ATM 
and bakers and wi that loosed the ropes and headed off 
into the drizzle headin back for home base. But oh woe
the cackaroo his stopped munchin. After much research it 
wis still broken. But the drizzling had stopped to be 
replaced with pishin rain and accordin to Bairn it just 
pished and pished, real PFR for maist o the wy to the 
marina. So much so that “Somebody” was tucked under 
the sprayhood, on coachroof, wrapped up in a downie.
Drinkin whisky to supress her utter disdain at the rank 
weather. We avoided the muckle cruise ships all called
Explorer according to the AIS. Apparently people know 
that Mairi wouldna like to go on a cruise. So weaving in 
through the islands past Kerkira/Corfu Town and the auld castles, skirtin close by the muckle great cruise ships, proper name 
was MSC Orchestra. She was replaced the following day by Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth. So we crossed the bay and made our way 
safely into the Gouvia Bay and berthed at the fuelling station. 53 euros of fuel to fill up later, much cheapness, so cheap that 
Bairn worried Dad micht be unbusy very soon. Left the fuel berth to head for 
DB’s ain berth along the quay and watched a mannie fae fuelling station 
doing a swalla dive into the sea fully clothed whilst trying to fend a yacht aff 
the quay. Quickly pulled out by a colleague with probably nae mair dented 
than an Iphone and his pride. Wonder if he filled out a standard EU accident 
report form? He was so dedicated he could star in an advert for a well known 
bank – he gives more LOL!. Moored up with lazy line safely then the heavens 
opened up and it pished and fecken pished. Boat owner Vasillis assisted us 
and then we met him in the marina bar for a couple of beers which wis afa 
nice o him. He also got a plate of spit roast lamb with a few chippies on the 
side to share. After much chatting, we were back onboard where upon UD 
had another look at cackaroo and fixed it. Changed the fuse as Vasillis had 
given UD a clue to where and which one it might be. So back in action
including the shower which was fuse linked to the cackaroo muncher. So
Bairn was much mollified as she can now get clean later. Once a polished, 
the team walked ashore along to main marina and a number of restaurants. 
Picked out a bonny one and settled down for supper. Just as we were 
finishing our supper the thunder and lightning started, then the heavens 
opened up. Water was coming aff the roof like Niagara Falls. Niver seen 
onything like it. We stayed for another gless until it went aff and thinking it 
was bedtime as it was more or less aff, we started back to the mother ship. Well it was still rainin and quayside was soaking as 
we were by the time we got back to the boat. Weet stuff aff and bedtime. Got up in the morning and athin drippin we
condensation but soon dried up when we got the windaes opened. 
(Distance 24 miles) 
Saturday 20 
 May (Heedin Hame) 
Well got up in the morning and cleared up, packed bags and went for breakfast. 10 to 9 and Dad ordered full breakfast wi Bairn 
and UD haein club sandwiches all washed doon wi beer and wine. The waitress said to Bairn is that a small or large beer and 
when the latter was indicated the waitress declared love for the Bairn. Breakfast finished we were back onboard to collect 
bags, handover to Vasillis, into taxi and off to airport. Apart from a bit of a wait we got through fairly smoothly, bags having 
been prebooked from the restaurant in Mourtos. Last hiccup was when we got to Edinburgh and the parking gate wanted £100 
to let us out. A few words with some tired mannie at the end of the speaker and gate open, Buster released. On the road 
A very beautiful area to cruise and visit. Journeys have long legs and there is no guarantee you will get a berth on town quay 
when you arrive at your destination so be prepared to anchor off, dingy ashore or as in Parga, use a water taxi to transport you 
from yacht to town. Be careful to lock up yacht at anchorages in case of tea leafs. Weather for mid to late May was half sunny, 
half crap. So we can’t complain, all well suntanned. Vasillis, tells us that the Cyclades are the best of all the cruising grounds 
to visit. Oh Bairn feels another sailing holiday coming on. 
October 30th 2016
It was the end of October, in fact, two weeks after the crane out, but it
was a gorgeous day in Findochty.
2016 was a frustrating season. On the rare occasions that I could escape
work and had for the harbour I would find either too much wind or none at
Today was the latter. It had been the same the day before when I decided
that I had to get out on the water and decided to go for a motor around. I
didn’t stay out long as once you have motored out what do you do?
Normally you would shut off the engine and pull in the sheets and start
sailing but it wasn’t even worth taking off the sail covers.
Today was much the same but there was more sun.
With my crew, John, we hoisted the main in the harbour and
motored out past Sterlochy and shut off the motor.
As I expected there was not a breath of wind and not a ripple
around the rudder from movement through the water.
We sat and enjoyed the sun.
About 50 yards north of us we spotted a slight ripple on the water,
so we motored up to it and shut down and waited to see what
would happen.
We were rewarded with 0.5 knots on the log. At one point we
coaxed 1.5 knots but not for long.
It was at this point that we spotted “Morag”, the club St Ayles
Skiff, heading our way at speed.
I warned john to “prepare for banter” just in time. The Skiff crew
put on a fine display of boat handling including “ a
circumnavigation of Destino” and a raised oar salute. As a final
flourish they proved that they could row backwards faster than
we could sail forwards.
As they headed off in to the distance we settled down to enjoy
the Autumn sunshine for a while before heading back to harbour.
The clocks had changed that day so the sun was low by this time.
The perfect end to a perfect day. (Although a bit of wind would
have been nice.)